• Welcome to Ana’s Parrots & Supplies

    Ana’s Parrots and Supplies is
    among the best in the business,
    with the cleanest facility, and
    highest quality cages, toys, and commodities.

  • Welcome to Ana’s Parrots & Supplies

    Ana’s Parrots and Supplies is
    among the best in the business,
    with the cleanest facility, and
    highest quality cages, toys, and commodities.

  • Welcome to Ana’s Parrots & Supplies

    Ana’s Parrots and Supplies is
    among the best in the business,
    with the cleanest facility, and
    highest quality cages, toys, and commodities.

  • Welcome to Ana’s Parrots & Supplies

    Ana’s Parrots and Supplies is
    among the best in the business,
    with the cleanest facility, and
    highest quality cages, toys, and commodities.


About Ana's Parrots And Supplies

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives" - William A. Foster

We make you truly feel like part of the “family”. We look forward to a great future as we continue to educate the public about these wonderful creatures. We believe in nothing but the highest standards of ethics, professionalism, and quality.

What Happy Customer are Saying!

  • Ana is amazing! You can tell how much she loves all her birds. I got my severe macaw Luna from her. Beautiful, healthy bird! So smart and loving! I 100% recommend Ana if you are looking for a bird!4/24/2019 12:11:47 AM

    Breeder Reply:
    Thank you Betty!

    - Betty Lipar
  • Ana was very professional and out of all breeders she has a gorgeous High Quality Bird Shoppe In PA.. I bought a African grey and a rose breasted cockatoo from her.. She shipped through delta and all birds are disease tested tame and healthy

    - Sara Sarrantos
  • Ana is the best bird breeder around. She takes the time and effort necessary to make sure her customers buy the perfect bird. Will buy from again.

    - Tim Murphy
  • I’m one of those lady’s construction birds in excellent health and a great delivery service I strongly advise you to deal with.

    - Yassine Chamekhy
  • Anas parrots and supplies was Great to work with, very professional, and everytime I emailed Ana with a question, she responded right away. The Cockatoo I purchased is very friendly and healthy. I would recommend Ana’s to all. Thanks again.3/1/2019 9:57:51 PM

    Breeder Reply:
    Thank you!

    - Scott Randall
  • Absolutely amazing!! She has amazing birds! Drove 5 hours to pick my baby up. NOT A SCAM!! They are knowledgeable and knew what bird would fit our lifestyle. Got a beautiful Double Yellow Amazon! 1000% recommend for bird shopping! Check her out!

    Reply From Ana:
    Thank you!!!

    - Isabelle Hartman
  • I got my wonderful Hahns Macaw “Solo” from this wonderful breeder. She was so receptive and answered my questions and messages in a timely manner. I will definitely be coming back to her for my future birds!

    Reply From Ana:
    Thank you!

    - Carly Maedinger
  • I contacted Ana and made an appointment to come to her aviary in East Stroudsburg, PA. On 02/14/2019, I arrived, it was very clean and
    inviting, she already had the birds in the front for me look at! I now have a cinnamon Conure who I adore! Thanks!

    Reply From Ana:
    Thank you!!!

    - Jennifer Andrews
  • Friendly and knowledgeable. In for a Jenday Conure. The most friendly little fella. Steps up, he mimics sounds right away. I’m very happy
    with Ana’s parrots!! I didn’t rate delivery because I picked up.

    Reply From Ana:
    Thank you Scott!

    - Scott McEntire
  • My niece loves her new African Grey, it is so friendly and sweet. We have gotten Greys before, but this one is the best so far! He loves
    people and has no bad habits. Ana is wonderful with these birds and answered all our questions. THANK YOU!

    Reply From Ana:
    Thank You!


    - Mark Ager
  • The bird we bought from Ana is beautiful, healthy, and sweet; clear that it was well-cared for and socialized. The store is clean and bright;
    all birds looked happy and healthy. Ana and her assistant are friendly and knowledgeable. Highly Recommended.

    Reply From Ana:
    Thank you!

    - Irene Guertin
  • When searching for a bird we encountered many scammers and became discouraged. Then we found Ana and all her positive reviews. We did business with her and now have a beautiful Amazon Grey. FANTASTIC seller. Very honest and now we have a great bird.

    Reply From Ana:
    Thank you!

    - Joy Miller
  • She is a professional breeder. Loves what she does. Great communication.
    Great shipping . Very knowledgeable.  You can’t find any better.

    Reply From Ana:
    Thank you!

    - Hassan Hamze
  • I got my baby African Grey, Beau, from Ana two weeks ago. He is just a wonderful bird in every way. So sweet and affectionate …. and eats like a pig! Ana was a pleasure to deal with.  She is very knowledgeable and always had time to answer my many questions.

    Reply From Ana:
    Thank you!

    - Lois McKenna
  • I got my African Grey from Ana and he’s a fantastic member of my
    family! I’d spent many months trying to find a bird in my area but
    encountered so many scammers. I drove up to pick Kevin up and it was
    definitely worth the drive. Wonderful!

    Reply From Ana:
    Thank you!

    - Ronnie W.
  • Good experience. Great African Grey parrot. Ana was available, answered all questions, and did everything she said she would.

    Breeder Reply:
    Thank you!!!

    - John Louis Gustavus
  • Great friendly Parrot is very strong and energetic. Will buy another
    one from Ana soon!

    Breeder Reply:
    Thank you!

    - Kim Murphy
  • Ana is a great breeder to do business with. This Sick Lady, Lacy Devetto is a fraud.  She’s also posting under a different name on UK
    sites linking them to Ana’s Parrots. Sorry Ana this is happening to you. This site needs to remove her Review NOW!

    - James Papalus
  • Excellent experience

    Breeder Reply:
    Thank you!

    - Tommy Miccio
  • Outstanding commitment to great communication, integrity, and desire to be upfront. Even better animals, wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from again. Accommodated my work schedule to come on Sunday. Still follows up on the macaw, and answers questions. A+

    Breeder Reply:
    Thank you!!!


    - Bobby Hochrun
  • We’ve had Jack, our Indian Ringneck for about a year. He says “I love you”, “peek a boo”, “whatcha doin”, laughs, and others we can’t decipher yet. We talk to him and hold him all the time and we can tell he listens. We would definitely buy from her again!

    - Tara Pasquini
  • I contacted Ana’s Parrots to visit a Green Cheek Conure. I was contacted back immediately. Very courteous and extremely helpful in finding the right bird for my family. We will be returning to Ana’s for another bird in the future. Highly recommended.

    - Carla Arostegui
  • I bought a parrotlet almost two years ago. Breeder is knowledgeable, friendly, and cares deeply for her birds. Will do business again.

    - Tracy Jauch
  • African Grey Congo baby from Ana is the sweetest girl ever. Very social and loves to snuggle. Ana and her partner raise the babies with much care and attention. Love them and love my new baby grey!

    - terrie palazzo
  • Ana is very attentive to her customers and always there too answer questions. The birds are extremely friendly and loving. You can tell they are raised with love and handled daily. Best breeder award goes to Ana! I can’t wait to purchase again!

    - Geri Lynn LaPorte
  • ana’s is the best person to get parrots from i got 3 birds from her and there are people friendly from the start. Highly recommend her and carol for birds. I have a sun conure and a pineapple green check and a parrotlet.

    - patricia huey
  • How are deposit to can you for coctoo

  • Ana and her partner Carol raise sweetest babies. These girls are amazing to work with. I had an amazing experience and will be going through them again in the near future. For those looking for a baby Ana’s Parrots its a good place to start 🙂

    - Courtney Blais
  • They are very nice kind people. The birds are well care for, feed a healthy diet including fruits and vegetables. We bought a male Congo from them. I must say he is very handsome. Good bone structure. Healthy plumage. He was and is very social.

    - Mary Jahn
  • Ana stayed in contact with me thruout the buying process. She sent me updates & pictures and made the buying experience very easy. Carol helped us when picking the bird up with alot of helpful information. I would highly recommend them both.

    - Ray Walls
  • We purchased a male eclectus from Ana! He is so loveable and healthy! Ana is very nice and dedicated to what she does. She maintains contact and makes sure the birds are well taken care of. Thank you, Ana we will be back soon:)

    - elizbeth solano
  • I bought a African grey from Anna. She is perfect and very healthy, friendly. I Highly recommended!

    - Jessica Ferrel
  • I couldn’t be more pleased with the service you have provide! We are so happy with our new addition Kai, amazon grey Congo. Thank you so much!

    - Bethany Downs
  • This is the best breeder ever I swear. Such a awesome experience and the sweetest baby birds. She’s very honest. I recommend anyone to buy a baby from her you won’t regret it. I purchased a jardines parrot from recently and he’s so sweet.

    - Heather Gray
  • Ana is very knowledgeable, she answered all my questions. She made me feel comfortable with the transaction. I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Keep up the good work.

    - inna piscitello
  • Great birds , great service . Will definitely buy birds from them again!!

    - Kay Iou
  • Good business.

    - Michael Beacham
  • I love my baby Congo Grey he is so sweet! I couldn’t have asked for a better bird ! I would absolutely recommend Ana’s Parrots to everyone that’s thinking about getting a bird !

    - Christina Gibson
  • I have been looking for a parrot for the longest but never bought one till now this breeder is the best u can c the love she,has for what she does . Cleansiness an she talks to all her customers which such a caring way . I would recommend her 2 all

    - martha ruiz
  • Excellent, seamless business transaction – super breeder – very nice experience

    - Vincent Jaeger
  • Ana is extremely knowledgable. You can tell in her enthusiasm the true love and passion she puts into her babies. The environment these babies were presented in was very clean. I’ve purchased seven green cheeks from her and they are all so sweet! ❤️��

    - Lillian Vasquez
  • I purchased an African Gray Parrot from Ana. Thank you Ana for your hard work and dedication it shows. My bird is amazing. I would recommend Ana to anyone. We will be purchasing another. Thank you

    - Diane Funkhouser
  • I bought a blue-headed pionus baby from Ana’s Parrots, and everything was smooth about the transaction, communication, and delivery. Most importantly, the bird was happy, healthy, and obviously well-cared-for by Ana’s Parrots. And what a sweet bird!

    - Nick S
  • I had a 100% positive experience with Ana before, during, and since I purchased my Hahn’s Macaw from her. It was my first time buying a bird “sight unseen” via the Internet and flown to me via United Airlines’ Petsafe so I appreciate Ana’s expertise.

    - Karen D
  • I contacted more than a dozen birdbreeders and found none as cooperative and informative as Ana. I have shared her contact information on face book and with friends who have come over to see my sweet Green Cheek Pineapple Conures. Love my birds!

    - Lynette Wehrend
  • We have had the pleasure of meeting and purchasing three adorable baby birds from Ana. She is very knowledgable about her birds, loves and nurtures them from babies on up. She has great integrity and I would strongly recommend her to anyone! A+

    - Kathie Haigis
  • Best breeder ever!!!! My bird is the sweetest thing I have ever had!!!! Very tame and kid and pet friendly

    - Bethany Gott
  • Anan’s bird’s are great, sweet ,healthy disease free birds. I was definitely impressed with her cleanliness, very knowledgeable,and pleasant personality. Highly recommended! !

    - Donna Hughes
  • Ana is one of the most amazing and knowledgeable bird breeder that i ever met,she is always available to help with any questions and advices about birds..i trust her…i can’t trust anyone else than her when it comes to know something about bird.

    - Rafael Flores Perez
  • Wonderful birds!

    - Gina trapani
  • Ana had ongoing pictures and videos of the babies from birth to weaning. She has the knowledge and experience but as importantly u could see the love , care & passion it takes to breed healthy , happy birds. excited about my Grey.

    - Eddie Matthews
  • I have 3 birds from Ana and they are absolutely wonderful! Ana took the time to answer all of my questions and to do whatever it took to accomodate me. My birds are healthy and happy! A great experience!!!

    - gail cooper
  • Can’t go wrong getting a forever parrot from Ana, our Greenwing Macaw just turned 2 years old, Thank You Ana !! Picture of our baby: http://www.4rissa.com/BIRDS/wolfieanddad1.jpg

    - Joe C
  • Amazing breeder! Ana is not only amazing through the whole buying process but once you get your new baby bird you can tell it was brought up with love. My cockatoo is healthy, happy and hilarious. I’ll only buy birds from Ana 🙂

    - Kira Van Cott
  • Ana is wonderful!! She was very courteous, knowledgeable and accommodating when bought our African Grey, who is our pride and joy! We plan to add to our flock in the future and we will definitely be going right back to Ana! Highly recommended!!

    - Jessalyn Champignon
  • Feel free to post this or use as a testimonial… I have purchased 2 parrots from Ana. A male eclectus parrot and a salmon crested cockatoo. I couldn’t have asked for better parrots. They both are in great health and are both very friendly.

    - Maryann Landsman
  • top notch! Ana is a knowledgeable and ethical breeder. She is professional and her birds are well cared for and well bred. I have been a fan for years and when it was time to add a parrot to our family, she was the first person i went to. thank you!

    - Melissa Prezioso
  • Adopted a sun conure from Ana. It’s our first bird and she is extremely attentive to our questions and updates . So glad we adopted from a private breeder, our bird is friendly outgoing and full of personality!

    - Katie Baker
  • Very nice easy to deal with very knowledgeable an awesome experience I would recommend Ana to everyone her birds are top of the line quality if your a novice or an experienced bird owner buy from Ana she is the real deal 🙂

    - Josh Del
  • Ana is the best! Her birds are the most gorgeous and friendliest I’ve ever seen. You can tell they are all loved and well taken care of. We love our African Grey…she is sweet and funny and loves her new family. Only buy from Ana!

    - Lori Romano
  • Thanks Ana, for be a excellent breeder, I’m very grateful for my Baby yellow nape Amazon (Aurelio ) is so sweet, cute , smart, beautiful and healthy now my family are happy with this Amazing parrot,thank God that I found the best breeder.

    - Mary Chavez
  • My experience with Ana was flawless and very positive. The transaction was very pleasant and straightforward. What I love the most is my bird, a 2 y/o B&G macaw. She’s is very tamed, healthy and gorgeous colors. Definitely will recommend it.

    - Delvys Cuellar
  • I purchased my baby pineapple conure Scout from Ana’s Parrots in 2015. She is such a delight. I love her so much. Ana is a wonderful breeder and was helpful throughout the process.

    - Amy Franco
  • Ana is a true professional. Our new baby is gorgeous, sweet and very healthy. Ana did everything she could to help us out. I highly recommend you buying your new pet from her!

    - Lori Boggetti
  • She is a great lady and very clean. I’m very grateful to her for the bird I bought from her. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    - Debra Lake
  • We had such a wonderful experience with Ana! She is extremely knowledgeable and so sweet. Our Baby Jack is amazing.

    - Jennifer Haas
  • Very niece people with nice actitud and good services

    - Fanny De la Rosa
  • Ana’s Parrots-Ana is an incredible breeder. She has the passion for birds, and raises the most loving wonderful birds in a clean, healthy and happy area. She is everything a breeder should be, honest, caring, and knowledgeable. 5 Stars!

    - Terri Peasley
  • I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Ana and her husband. I knew the minute I walked into her home and the level of cleanliness and detail that it was going to go well. I would definitely deal with Ana again.

    - Jim Roberts
  • Bought a beautiful baby Goffins Cocatoo. This was a 3 hour drive; a drive I was apprehensive about. Honestly, Gps was spot on with directions. And Anas home is way up on a mountain. Amazing views while driving! I’d do it again! My baby? PERFECT

    - KM
  • I can’t say enough positive things about Ana parrots. Within the last 6 weeks I have purchased a Goffin and Sulfur Crested Cockatoo. You can tell they were raised with love and had no fear of being handled.

    - Renee Dougalas
  • absolutely love this breeder! We love our rio, he is sweet and gentle! Thank you again for my buddy!!

    - Chelsey Lewis
  • I met Ana’s Parrots this year and i got past October my 3 sweet cockatieIs babies. I strongly recommend her for her knowledge, great communication, support, useful advices and her ethic as a breeder. Now I’m looking forward for my amazon!

    - Nicole Santamaria
  • Her babies are the sweetest birds ever. She is very kind and companionate with all her birds, which shows as they mature. They are loveable, trusting and very interactive!

    - Tamara Bellis
  • After losing my Congo African grey parrot I turn to different sources looking for another couldn’t find any but friend turn me on to Ana Congo African grey I was very satisfied with her help, and DNA tested for male or female thank you Anna

    - Charles E Fasano
  • I’ve had my beautiful African Gray for nearly two months now and she is a joy. Ana was quick to answer any questions and despite my reservations with the payment method being mail order, I have never worked with a more pleasant person and am happy!

    - Rachael Rose
  • Wonderful to work with! Ana stayed in contact all through the process with pictured updates until our baby cockatiel was ready! The baby was well taken care of and healthy as can be! Couldn’t be happier! Thank you again

    - Christine Moran
  • Ana es muy especial, me encanta sus pajaros estan criado a manos por ella misma, yo le he comprado 2 y no Pican, son muy amorosos email inteligentes ella los envia tan pronto recive su dinero es muy buena y es una persona en la cual puedes confiar.

    - Antonia Garayalde
  • We bought an African Grey from her and really couldn’t be happier! I would recommend her to anyone 🙂

    - Ashley Irwin
  • I have purchased 2 wonderful blue and gold macaws from Anna. She was a wonder to work with, very punctual, and has great knowledge of her birds and breeds. My birds are smart, happy, and very healthy. If i had the time and energy I would get more!

    - Shenee Foster
  • She goes above and beyond. Her babies are beautiful and so taken care of!! I can’t to do business again with them!!!

    - Amanda Groff
  • I would seriously recommend this breeder to anyone interested in purchasing a bird. Everything from inquiry to the birds arrival could only be described as exemplary. The African Grey I bought is a great new joy in my life. No regrets. Thanks Ana.

    - Aaron Koslow
  • Purchased a Senegal Parrot from Ana and I couldn’t be happier with it! We went to her home and everything was immaculate. Birds were all very healthy and well socialized. Worth the trip! Great breeder!

    - Jen Harmon
  • Ana was absolutely amazing and so helpful when picking out the perfect bird for myself and my family. Her knowledge on the birds was exceptional and her love and dedication to taking care of the birds is amazing!

    - Paige Fortin
  • I was looking for a life long African grey parrot friend, I came across many scams. I found Anna’s Parrots on Anna and her husband educated us on how to care for our grey. If you are considering buying a bird you found the right place. ANA’S PARROTS!

    - Donna Deeds
  • My daughter in law has purchased from Ana’s parrots two Eclectus a male and a female and Today she bought an African grey and I was lucky enough to get A young Senegal from Ana as well Our visit with Ana was very enjoyable and informative.

    - Richard Gentile
  • I purchase a Goffin cockatoo and an incredibly happy with him. We have had him a little over a month and he has been a wonderful addition to our house. He is incredibly friendly and I could not be more pleased to have him.

    - Sarah Hopkins
  • Ana’s Parrots is THE BEST place to receive birds. She has many kind of beautiful, healthy birds. I purchased 2 beautiful sun conures and had them shipped to me by plane and I am satisfied. Her and her staff are very knowledgeable. Thank you Ana <3

    - Angela Jimenez
  • I purchased my African-Gray (ISA) from Ana. She is friendly, loves to be held, follows me around. Ana kept in touch with me, and answered my questions. I picked up my baby March 14, it just took 2 days for her to adjust to us. We love her! THANKS

    - Alasha Santiago
  • Ana is very legitimate and professional, I was very hesitant at first but she assured that she was a legit breeder, I’m in California she’s across the map she said she’d have my African grey to me once I sent money she didn’t lie! 10 hours later,here

    - Joseph Estrada
  • Last year I purchased a baby male IRNP (Oliver) from Anna. At the same time I got another baby male IRN from a different breeder. Both are beautiful and healthy but Oliver is so much sweeter. A testament to handraising birds. Thank u Anna!

    - Susan Drummond
  • Ana was extremely easy to work with, she responded to questions and concerns immediately, very knowledgeable! A pleasure to deal with.

    - Marie Riegel
  • Everything was great and we now have a beautiful female Eclectus Parrot from Ana. If we ever wanted another bird we would choose to use Ana again

    - Fawn Van Brederode
  • Ana was extremely helpful and informative about our bird. Our bird was tested for common diseases was shown proof of testing and DNA.

    - Deb Dehler
  • Love this seller. Ana is sweet, kind and unbelievably fast to respond and ship. She is my preferred breeder and product seller. Buy with confidence.

    - Melissa Strife
  • I have had my sunburst sun counure Connie for about 3 years now and she is doing wonderful, she never had a health issue, her colors are beautiful and bright, she is smart and has even started mimicking words and sounds like “what” and kissing sounds

    - Charlissa Berry
  • I purchased my umbrella cockatoo October of 2014. She is a beautiful bird and Ana and Carol were great with education me on how to properly take care of my Elsa. If you want a good, healthy, loving baby bird. Do it, you won’t regret it.

    - Marcia Q
  • I got my cinnamon GCC, a week ago, he’s totally amazing!!! He’s extremely healthy and very friendly and loving. As well as smart!!! I’m so grateful to have found Ana’s parrots, I’m able to contact her if I have any questions even after buying my Miko

    - Laurie Reed
  • Excellent experience. I had been scammed by another person and was skeptical but Ana’s Parrots was amazing. She kept in touch, sent pics, and video. I’d recommend her to everyone. My baby arrived from PA to UT healthy and beautiful. Look no further.

    - Tonya Ogden
  • lease give us some Blue Gold Macaw in Jammu in Panjwani both male and female and give your account details so that we will make our payments Thank you!!! please contact us soon

    - Sharma
  • Very professional and nice lady. Our beautiful umbrella cockatoo was very taken care of and healthy and beautiful. Thank you Mrs Temple . Be aware of scams she is located in Pennsylvania and only ships from PA State in the US

    - Maria Phillips
  • Top notch. Profesional and dedicated in every way. We have dealt a few times and always satisfied and impressed. I’ve been in the bird world 25 years and I can assure that we need more breeders like Ana.

    - Daniel Delgado
  • I’ve gotten birds from Ana. I found her to be nothing but honest and helpful. Ana answers any questions you may have. She truly cares about her birds. I would recommend buying a bird from her. Ana’s Parrots will be the only place I’ll buy birds.

    - MaryAnn Slonaker
  • I have brought a umbrella cockatoo from Anna an Also just brought a 10 month old severe macaw both are very healthy an well taken care of I would recommend her an she is very friendly an honest

    - Diana kelly
  • Just purchase our second baby cockatoo Ana Isabella from mrs Ana. We absolutely love her just like we love our baby Luke we got a month and a half ago. Ana was very knowledgeable. She only ships from PA state and is only located in PENNSYLVANIA

    - Maria Phillips
  • I recently purchased a Jenday Conure from Ana. She was very patient and helpful answering all of my questions. Peaches is absolutely beautiful and healthy. Once she received my check, the flight was booked. I highly recommend Ana’ s parrots!

    - Noelle Froce
  • Ana was fantastic! My baby pineapple is healthy and thriving and just a joy to have around. I can really tell the care Ana put into raising this baby, and I’m so happy to have him. She was also very professional with shipping him; he arrived safely!

    - Natasha Travis
  • Ana was great! She answered a ton of questions that I had and made several suggestions. She sold me the most perfect Umbrella Cockatoo that has made our family complete. Ana invited us to her home to pick up Leela and she had food and toys as well!!

    - Danielle
  • Ana is a wonderful person I got my Congo african grey from her.I must say my willow is very smart and she took excellent care of her.I recommend Anna if you are looking for an exotic bird.

    - Wendy Portalatin
  • Seller was very experienced and was selling exactly as described. All my questions were answered to my satisfaction. Would do business with again and would recommend this seller if in the market for a parrot or other birds.

    - Brant Levi
  • I am so happy with my blue-fronted Amazon parrot! She is absolutely beautiful! Ana always responded right away. She was happy to answer all of my questions. My bird was flown from Pennsylvania to Texas with no problems. Ana is the best!!!!!

    - Julie Faflik
  • Had a wonderful experience! I wanted a bird that would be right for myself and my 8 year old daughter, Ana recommended a couple of breeds for our family, and we ended up purchasing a male Eclectus baby from Ana. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you!

    - Donald Gerhart
  • I had good experiences with Ana . Everything right on time.. spirit is home to stay recommend to buy from Ana she the greatest breeder knows her business. Happy Denise

    - Denise Cozzitorto
  • Ana does a fantastic job hand raising her birds. We purchased our little guy, pineapple conure, from Ana this past July and could not be happier. He is the sweetest little thing! Ana is always available if we have any questions. Thanks Ana!

    - Sarah Estevez
  • Love, love Ana!! Very patient w/ all of my questions. Purchased a CAG. He received a clean bill of health; vet was very impressed w/ his outgoing personality & his loving demeanor. Recommend her to everyone who is looking to buy! PERFECT! THANK YOU!

    - Kris Lang
  • Ana: very responsive to questions, very knowledgable. I drove to her location to pick up an Indian Ringneck. It was exactly as described and even more stunning in person than in the photos posted. Ana also had supplies ready in case I needed some.

    - Kimberly Horn
  • Ana was wonderful and patient with me in making sure I chose the right bird. She was very knowledgeable and always got back to me right away with any questions that I had. My bird is my absolute joy. He is so sweet! Thank you Ana!

    - Stephanie Vito
  • I have dealt with countless breeders and merchants in search of a new feathered family member. Thankfully we stumbled upon Ana’s Facebook page. She is a top notch breeder and guided us right to our Cape Parrot and newest family member!

    - Debbie Giordano
  • I have an orange wing amazon i bought from Ana. My bird was shipped to Fargo ND and i picked her up there. She was is great condition. She is a happy girl and is doing well. I had her DNA tested and so i know she is a girl. Thanks Ana 🙂 <3

    - Annette Doyle
  • I got a baby GCC from her (now named Atlas!) & he’s a total sweetheart!!!!! She was a pleasure to talk to & was happy to answer any question I had!!! Communication is A++! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new companion Bird!!!

    - Arielle Johnson
  • Bought a RB2 from Ana in the Poconos. It was a wonderful experience and our new baby is very sweet and healthy. She had all her favorite foods and her all ready to go for me and would highly recommend her as a reputable breeder. She knows her birds!

    - Yvonne Greier
  • Ana is a very genuine and kind person. She is very knowledgeable and patient with first-time bird owners like myself. She answered all of my questions and gave me helpful tips/suggestions on how to provide my new Indian Ringneck with a loving home.

    - Sabrina Nolan
  • I purchased a female Electus from Ana’s Parrots and from the moment I contacted Ana she was amazing. I received my baby and she’s is healthy and beautiful and well socialized. Ana’s Parrots are absolutely the best there is!!!!!’

    - Debbie Ronan45002
  • I purchased an African Grey baby from Ana’s Parrots. Everything about my experience was great! After running across so many online scammers I found Ana, I didn’t look any further. check out her Facebook. She takes very good care of the birds/babies.

    - Leeann Harrington
  • I bought a baby from Ana a couple of days ago, and took her to the vet today. The vet said she is one of the healthiest birds she’s seen in a long time!! (:

    - Jennalee Boykin
  • Ana was professional and clearly has a very high level of care for her birds. I got a perfect Eclectus who is an incredibly sweet bird and exactly as she described. I did my research and Ana is the best Ecelctus breeder in the US.

    - Christian