Ana’s Parrots Boutique

Why Ana’s Parrots Boutique?


Here at Ana’s Parrots and Supplies we are not looking to simply sell just any parrot to our customers. We created Ana’s Parrot Boutique in East Stroudsburg, PA so that future bird owners can get to know the birds in person, and choose the perfect fit for individuals and their families.

We truly take the time to interview all of our potential customers, and gather as much detail as possible, based on their level of experience in either owning a parrot, or working with parrots. Whether it’s a beginner or experienced parront (parrot parent), we want our customers to findtheir “forever home”, not just a temporary one. However, want also want our customer’s experience to be “one-of-kind” and be the absolutely best that it can be.

We pride ourselves in doing so by not just interviewing our clients, but we also give them the one-to-one attention and interaction necessary to establish a relationship with the parrot. We want our parrot and customer experience to be one-of-kind without any distractions. We fill our store with everything necessary to provide your new feathered baby with the appropriate sized cage, toys, stand, carrier, bowls, food and much much more. We have it all in ONE convenient location!

We don’t just sell a bird, we put our hearts into providing our valued customers (You) with the absolute best addition to your family, and by far the best experience in this industry. We are one-of-kind, which is why we fill our boutique with as much love, passion, and devotion as possible, to portray this not only amongst our parrots, but also to our esteemed customers.

Don’t be shy! Call, email or text, to schedule an appointment, and let us show you how amazing, and “one-of-kind” we are!