The Benefits of Owning A Parrot

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Owning A Pet Parrot?


There are many unique benefits to owning a pet parrot. Parrots are loveable creatures, who often love to speak to their owners. Some species are very affectionate towards humans and can make the perfect pet companions. If you’ve never owned a parrot before, then you may not realize the many benefits that parrot ownership may offer.

Let’s explore some of the ways that owning a pet parrot can be both beneficial and fun.

Parrots Are Relaxing And Fun!

Playing with your new pet parrot, or talking to them, may help relax the mind, and reduce stress. Stress is the main cause of missed work and too many people suffer from a bit too much stress. Some species of parrots like to talk and play and are well-known to be very interactive with humans.

A Pet Parrot Can Sing To You And Cheer You Up

If you’re “feeling the blues”, let your energetic parrot sing you a song to uplift your spirits for the holidays. Everyone loves a good song, and parrots often love to be the center of attention. In most countries, around the world, parrots are in fact the third most popular pet, right after dogs and cats. Pet birds number about one million in the UK. In Germany, about two million people have pet birds. In the United states, the indoor bird number of birds is probably close to 17-million.

Mind Stimulation

As we get older, our cognitive function often reduces, but stimulating the mind with mental tasks, can often save us from some of this decline. Parrots are strong thinkers and are often good with simple tasks, that require reason. Experiments proved that Alex, an African Gray Parrot famous for his intellect, understood the concept of zero. Irene Pepperberg, who studies animal cognition at Harvard University, refers to parrots as “Feathered Primates”. Dr. Auersperg and her colleagues have determined that Goffin’s Cockatoos are perhaps the most spontaneously inventive toolmaking animals ever documented, and that the parrots often learn how to use the latest food-fetching device, after just a single observation of another cockatoo at work.

In a recent study, neuroscientists in Canada, have identified the brain section that is responsible for parrots’ remarkable intellect. This brain circuit is similar to the one found in primates, including humans. “An area of the brain that plays a major role in primate intelligence is called the pontine nuclei,” said the head research author of the study, Cristia´n Gutie´rrez-Iba´n~ez, a postdoctoral fellow in the psychology department at the University of Alberta.

Companionship Comparable To Humans

Many parrot owners will tell you that the friendship offered by their pet parrot is comparable to having human friendship, in many ways. Always having someone to talk to and share your thoughts throughout the day, is one reason to own a pet parrot. African Grey parrots learn to speak as many words as infants can and use their tongues to produce precise copies of words they hear and learn.

Parrots Offer Great Social Interaction

In 2006, the journal Anthrozoös, had a study that found that people who like birds (and horses), have a higher level of empathy, than owners of other types of pets. Most people know that frequent social interaction is good for overall health. Maintaining your pet parrot might be one great way to improve your social frequency, by encouraging you to communicate with other parrot owners, and by encouraging you to communicate more with your pet parrot as well! When you wake up each day, it’s good to know you’ll have your pet parrot as a friend right there to talk to and cheer you up. In the 1990’s the University of California research indicated that bird owners are more polite, expressive, and caring than owners of other types of pets.

Be responsible when you own a parrot, it will reward you in the long-run. If you are thinking about purchasing a parrot, do take the time to research and learn about the possible species that might be most compatible to you.